Castelmode supplies and supports large-scale retail customers with customized products either with our own brand or their private label brands, we supply display facilities designed to meet the needs of the customer, from the simple display to multi-structured proposals such as corners and “Shop in a Shop”.


  • Design and creation of display and packaging supports alongside with the customer’s requests and needs of each single sales of point.
  • Support and assistance to the buyer for the initial purchases as well as for the reorders in order to have the fastest delivery.
  • Logistics management with direct deliveries on each sales of point.
  • Support for sales tracking and merchandising service carried out by competent and motivated personnel.
  • Assistance for restocking with in most cases some day of dispatch from the receipt of order.


Our ideal partners could be numerous:

  • Department store
  • Large scale distribution brands and Supermarkets
  • Chains of beauty products and Drugstores
  • Clothing chain stores, Footwear chain stores, stores of hair and costume accessories