Our hair accessories and costume jewelry styles are offered to our customers through dedicated lines of products.

“LE COMARI” Our Chic collection of hair accessories for women, exclusively designed and produced in Italy, proposes classic and elegant models, unique in both style and materials used.

“FOLLIE” The line of hair accessories designed for girls who want to express their personality with style.
Whether it is for a party or for an everyday use, a fashionable and amusing “FOLLIE” hair accessory lights up every child’s smile at a glance.

“ELYTE BIJOUX” A collection of costume jewelry especially designed to satisfy the needs of an increasingly attentive fashion clientele.
The sample sets reserved to the wholesale business is the result of a careful selection of models and market trends, without overlooking the classic and timeless styles.

“KORONA NERA” and “L’OPALE” are the brands reserved to the retail business for hair accessories and costume jewelry.
Our collections have always given an eye to the new trends without however overlooking the classic and elegant styles.